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Clare Jackson, Connective Healing

In 1996 I graduated from university with a Psychology degree and spent 18 years working with children who had been through abuse and trauma, working for a national children’s charity managing a Mentoring scheme and supporting children via advocacy.

In 2014 I retrained as a Massage Therapist and set up my business Connective Healing, offering treatments to support muscular pain, tension, postural issues and conditions.

I trained in Arvigo Therapy in 2017 and specialise in Women’s health in particular relating to the menstrual cycle and the menopause after experiencing issues myself. I support women with a range of symptoms from prolapses, vulvodynia, dry vagina issues, cystitis, irregular periods, ovarian cysts, painful periods, fibroids and endometriosis as well as conditions relating to fertility and the menopause.

Through my work I support a number of clients who have experienced child abuse causing them trauma within their pelvic bowl as well as women who have been sexually assaulted.

I also see male and female clients with conditions relating to the digestive system such as bloating, irregular bowel movements and IBS.

I’ve continued my personal development by continual training particularly in the field of Myofascial release and combine these techniques with massage and consider myself a Bodyworker. I have been fortunate enough to train in Myofascial release with Stephen Goldstein, James Earls and Tracey Kiernan through Blend Therapy and Training. As well as with Burrell Education in relation to the menopause.

I am involved with friends running a group called Chill Out Tuesdays which is all about dance, movement and relaxation. I run the Meditation/Mindfulness sessions at my group, which I also do for a local based health community group working with the over 65s. I set up the Longridge Well Women and Menopause cafe, with a friend to provide a safe space to talk about all things Menopause and women’s health.