Holistic Facial

An extremely relaxing Facial treatment with carefully selected organic skincare by Neal’s Yard Remedies to suit your skin’ individual needs.

Holistic Facial

The Holistic Facial uses Neal’s Yard Organic products to provide a tailored facial treatment. It involves a detailed skin analysis to determine your skin type, as well as a consultation to discuss your inner health and well-being.

The treatment aims to give long-term benefits and a greater sense of well being. It can help both as part of a skincare routine and to address one’s overall health.

The luxurious facial treatment uses a variety of products to cleanse, tone and moisturise, leaving skin feeling fresher, looking clearer and glowing.

The therapist will advise the most appropriate herbal teas, nutritional and lifestyle advice for you to use at home, to continue the good work.

What happens during a Holistic Facial?

Step 1 – Arrival & Consultation

The environment is important to the massage. The room will be warm and peaceful with careful consideration given to the lighting, soft music and essential oils diffused to add to the experience.

On the first visit clients complete a consultation, where they are asked a number of questions concerning their skin type, general well-being, injuries and medical conditions that the therapist should know about, in order to determine if there are any contra-indications (physical conditions that would prohibit or limit a massage treatment).

The client is asked to undress ensuring their modesty is protected, at which point the therapist will leave the room and the client will be asked to lie on the treatment couch under a large towel. During the session, the therapist will place a large cosy blanket over the client, ensuring their shoulders are exposed so that they can be massaged during the treatment. A head band will be placed on the head to keep the client’s hair off their face.

Step 2 – The Treatment

Neal’s Yard facial products will be applied in a set routine, following the basic notion of cleanse, tone, and moisturise with additional products being used such as an exfoliator, face mask, facial oil.

1. Double cleanse: complete removal of make-up, dirt and toxins from the skins surface to ensure the skin is absolutely prepared for further stages of the facial.

2. Tone: ensures all residual traces of grease and cleanser are removed from the skins surface.

3. Skin diagnosis: precise analyse of the skin to correctly determine skin type, any conditions present and appropriate products for further stages of the facial and home skin-care routine.

4. Exfoliation: decongests the skin by loosening and removing cellular debris to boost cellular regeneration.

5. Steam/skin warming: opens the pores and stimulates the circulation to nourish the skin and excrete cellular toxins in preparation for the next phase of the facial.

6. Mask: intensive treatment using a specific organic mask, to achieve specific results e.g. clay masks to draw out cellular toxins or peel-off masks for anti-ageing.

7. Massage: integrates specific Eastern and Western massage techniques and acupressure movements to improve the condition of skin and muscles in the upper body, allowing them to function optimally.

8. Moisturise: provides an occlusive barrier to the skin which supports its natural moisture mechanism and protects from environmental stress such as pollution and UV rays thus delaying the ageing process and formation of fine lines.

There are a variety of oils used to massage the shoulders, neck and scalp. The choice of the essential oil will depend upon the objective of the massage. So if the massage is for relaxation purposes a ‘Calming’ pre blended essential oil will be used.

A good oil will nourish the skin and allow a free-flowing movement as it enables the hands to glide over the area. The oil will be applied to the area to be massaged ensuring good coverage. The therapist applies long, smooth strokes over the shoulders and neck using firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, increase flexibility and encourage relaxation.

A good oil will nourish the skin and allow a free-flowing movement as it enables the hands to glide over the area. The oil will be applied to the area to be massaged ensuring good coverage. The therapist applies long, smooth strokes over the shoulders and neck using firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, increase flexibility and encourage relaxation.

The therapist will be able to feel where the tension areas are and adapt the treatment accordingly by using various techniques to reduce the adhesions or tension knots that are present in the muscles.

Step 3 – Finishing Up & Aftercare

The therapist will finish the treatment and quietly check that the client is comfortable and offer a glass of water. The client will be asked to take their time getting up and the therapist will leave the room whilst the client gets dressed. On the therapist re-entering the room the client and therapist will discuss how the treatment went and the therapist will give after-care advice.

Who should get a Holistic Facial treatment?

Anyone who wants a relaxing facial treatment

Anyone with dry skin

Anyone with oily/combination skin

Anyone with ageing skin

Anyone 13 years and older

Why should you get a Holistic Facial treatment?

Skin is our largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier between the wider world and us. It takes a lot of stress through exposure to sun, harsh weather, and chemicals in our everyday environments. With all the burden our skin takes, most people neglect to give skin the proper care it needs to do its job. A monthly facial should be an essential to everyone’s skin care regime.

A facial using Neal’s Yard Organic skin care products will ensure our skin and underlying structures are given optimal support. A facial can:

– Reduce imperfections of the skin e.g. hyperpigmentation
– Rebalance all skin types
– Even skin tone
– Improve the appearance and texture of skin
– Stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen in the upper body and face to nourish cells
– Stimulate lymphatic drainage in the upper body and face to remove cellular toxins
– Release muscular tension in face (especially the jaw and neck) scalp and upper body
– Rebalance meridians and energy centres
– Identify individual skin types and correct products for home skin-care routine
– Give a feeling of improved wellbeing and self confidence

How much does a Holistic Facial cost?

Your Therapist

I completed my VTCT Level 3 qualification in Swedish massage(QFC) fulfilling a personal passion for Health and well-being and Holistic therapies. I have over 3 years study and practise and am experienced, qualified, insured to treat a broad range of ailments and injuries. I have continued my personal development and add to my skills accessing further training in various massage techniques.

I am registered and regulated with the Professional body The Federation of Holistic Therapists. I adhere to their codes of professional conduct. I am fully registered and insured to practice all of the advertised treatments.

As well as treatments I also run a weekly Meditation class to help people learn techniques to cope with the demands and stresses of everyday life and I host a monthly Sound Bath with Sound healer William Lee.

I was born in Ludlow, Shropshire. I studied BA Social Sciences (Hons) Psychology at the University of Westminster. I worked for 19 years with Children in Care providing care and later coordinating a County wide Mentoring scheme in Lancashire for a National Children’s charity.

I retrained as an Holistic therapist at Preston Therapy Centre in Lancashire which saw me fullfill a lifelong interest in Complementary medicine.

I advocate a healthy lifestyle and practise yoga, tai chi and arabic belly dance classes every week as well as walking and meditating. I am an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies, you can visit my online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a facial?

A: A facial is a treatment designed to improve the appearance, condition and function of our skin, as well as provide overall relaxation and balance.

Q: Are natural based products better than chemical products?

A: Absolutely! The skin absorbs everything that is applied to it topically, this is easily demonstrated – if you rub a piece of garlic on the soles of your feet, after a while your breath smells of garlic! A natural product range is filled with active ingredients that fight the ageing process.

Q: My skin is very sensitive and I react to everything I use, what can I do?

A: Neal’s Yard Remedies do a whole range for sensitive skin, your therapist will arrange for you to try a sample of the products before you have the facial treatment to ensure that there is no adverse reaction.

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